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“Working with Joan has been an incredible experience! She “gets” our brand and articulates her thoughts clearly, authentically and with creativity! She’s kind and professional, too. A wonderful partner!”
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I’ve been interviewed numerous times for my book, I’m Not Single, I Have a Dog: Dating Tales from the Bark Side. And I have to say, my interview with Joan was both enlightening and enjoyable! Joan has a way of making her subjects feel comfortable and as a result, she brings out things that other interviewers miss. I felt like I was just having a conversation with a good friend. She’s excellent! And I’m sure her listeners relate to her honesty and open heart. Thanks, Joan!
Susan Hartzler
Susan HartzlerAward-Winning Writer, Blogger, and a Public Relations Professional

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“Charlie Watts was stability to The Rolling Stones and a role model to drummers everywhere.”

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Episode 13, Part 4, “Ice Cream and Day Trips” with my guest, Mike Stevens, takes you to a few of our favorite ice cream shops and trails. Celebrate late summer in the outdoors.

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